Your Daily ‘BE DO’ List

Your Daily ‘BE DO’ List


How often do you spend time thinking about all the things you need and want to do?

And you hardly spend time actually Doing the things you need to do to push yourself forward.  One thing that is certain is, that nothing happens unless you take action. So start catching yourself thinking of your To Do list… and BE DOing it.

Managing Your BE DO List:

I get it, our minds are these amazing galactic computers that are always running, thinking, expanding, creating, perceiving, conceiving, and firing up like a data center at peak time.  You have a lot of ideas, a lot of thoughts.  So how can you manage it all.

Here is one of my favorite tools I use to manage my thoughts and actually work on the projects I need.

  • Mind Map Tools – Our minds are a map, so when I discovered mindmaps, I was elated that I  had a tool that allowed me to jump around in my thoughts and mindfully note them to their rightful categories.   Over the years I have used many mind map tools.  When finding a way to organize my thoughts I look for a few things.  Use and logic, Ease of customization, and export function.   The most important thing to look for in a mind map tool is the ability to export the data into an outline type format.
  • You will find you can write an entire book using mind maps. In fact, many books have been written in the format of a mindmap.
  • The mind map I use today is SubTask, you can access a Free trial and if you decide that you’d like to upgrade, it’s a pretty fair price of about $15/month.


Whatever tools you find that work for you, it’s critical that what you are spending your time on is not writing your to-do list but DOing your To Do list.  You’ll climb the ladder of success faster.

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Happy DOing!