Why Your Customers Shop From You

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Why Your Customers Shop From You

Understanding the reasons of what triggered your consumer or client to spend money with you is critical psychology for you to understand.  Or at least have someone that can provide you this feedback analysis.  But understanding the why will allow you to create campaigns and messaging that target that reasoning.

Another way to look at it is the Know, Like and Trust.  I will buy from you because of one of three reasons;  I know you or I feel like I know you, I like you or at least you appear to be likable at the moment that I am making my decision and I trust you.. I trust that you have or should have some skin in the game.   I phrase my words like that for a reason, there will be times when you will assume the know,like and trust of someone and they will let you down.

So let’s dive deeper into the psychology of marketing and how this works:

1) I know you, or I feel like I do because you spent time getting to know me or I read sufficiently enough about you and your brand to feel that you stand for some of my values or vibe.   It’s important that your branding consists of the authentic self.  That primarily happens with your online messaging, your voice and your approach to life and business.

Discovering Your Own Authentic Self

2) I like you, and when we like someone we hope they do well.  We want your success just as much as we want our own. I’m ok with supporting your business.

3) I trust you as my fellow-man.  I want to see you do good because I value your values.  And I trust you would equally support me.

I do not shop on corporate sites, I prefer supporting smaller local business owners.  So it is crucial for me to gain this feeling with a small business owners when I am ready to pull out my card.

Getting to know people authentically is the most important strategy and legacy you can do in your life.