What good does a blog serve?
Well, lots of good.

I’ve been a fan for a long time.  I’ll include some links to my first blogs that are still up around the web.  Along with my first Podcast I recorded in 2010…lol  More on Podcasts in another post and how they contribute to your blogs.   At the bottom of this post, I’ll share some links from my old blogs and communities I used, so you can get a good laugh.

Blogs and Written Word Content do several Soulfully Satisfying things and here’s why you should be adding it to your Content Strategy Plan.

First, It tells the personal story of the brand you are promoting.  A blog allows you to express your thoughts about your industry or life.

Second, it helps people and search engines find you. And you want to be found.   Because people are able to gather data about you and lack of data is pretty much “lack of professionalism”.

Third, a blog can generate you money.

Here are some steps to starting your blog.

Decide what your blog will be about.
Unless you just need a source of expression. Make sure that what you share is inline with how you represent your brand.

Find a Domain Name
Sites like Godaddy.com are my go to. Actually, I can pull up a list of all these others sites you can purchase domain names from. But I have found the ease and use of Godaddy for the last 13 years to be efficient and streamlined. I can depend on getting support I need to manage my site 24 hours a day. So they will be the only ones I will suggest you buy from.

But what about Domain name ideas?
Need some?

Tools to help you in researching domain name ideas.

1. BustaName.com
2. LeanDomainSearch.com
3. DomainsBot.com

Make sure you grab a .com if possible.
And if you need to grab something other than .com, make sure you research that someone not in the same industry owns those other domains and is actively branding.

Hosting your Blog
To make it easy I use Godaddy here again. I have it all maintained under one account.

While you can write articles on sites such as LinkedIn, if LinkedIn were to go down one day, that content is lost. You need to manage & control your own content for your own personal brand.

Writing A Blog Tips

Writing your Blog
Share your knowledge. Little by little and find a routine of some consistency.  You can also take one of our coaching programs for support.

Write about things your audience needs to know, should know or could know that will add value to their lives and show them that you know what you are talking about.

Some of my first blog platforms & locations
– Keep in mind some links are no longer active and I do not manage the backend or ads anymore.  But I’m sharing just cause I promised to share. lol Keep in mind this was 10+ Years ago so be nice.

Ezine Articleshttp://ezinearticles.com/expert/Sandra_Torres/515089
Sandra Noemi Torreshttps://mindofsandratorres.wordpress.com/author/storres954/

I don’t have access to update or manage my old wordpress sites, there are a few floating around along with Blogger. It’s important when you blog that you find a platform that works for you and you feel comfortable working with.

Today I host my own sites so I have complete control of them.

Let me know your favorite way to blog!

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Sandra Noemi Torres

📕 Recommended Books 📕

Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar


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