The Goal of your videos can be somewhat different for everyone. But it will either serve in these 2 main categories.

1) To serve or educate an audience or target market on your knowledge about the industry building your personal brand.

2) To document your own journey for YOU.    Documenting your own journey allows you to improve on the process. You can’t become an expert without showing that you are.

To provide value and to serve you must decide what value you want to serve up.
What do you care to converse about with the world? What do you get excited talking about to others or sharing with others often?

What is it that you want to help others discover?

You can use videos to Grow your Business along with your Personal & Professional. Brand.

But the facts will never change that in order to increase engagement, you have to post something of value. And something of value is something that your target audience resonates with.

So you must know both your target audience and how to resonate with them.

Before you create videos, many people think about what they want to talk about and who it can best help. So in this video contact strategy, we will cover the 3 Pillars to successfully creating and posting videos

It can be summed up like this: Who is the audience? What is the message? How do we deliver it?


First we must identify the WHO. Who is your audience? You can gather this data from past customers or insights.

Sometimes it is also simply whom you find yourself most attracted to serving/helping? Decide who you dream customers are.

This comes down to you.   Who do you aim to serve? What is the problem they are facing as it pertains to your industry?


What is your message you wish to share? What is it that they need to know, should know or could know about your industry/product/service?

Make sure you have done some research. What are some keywords that your audience may use to search for your product/industry/service that you can use in your messaging?

What are the associated hash tags you will use in social media platforms. Create a master list that you can copy and paste into posts.

Check out 4 Ways to Understanding Your Target Market


How will you deliver the video content. There are three main types of methods to deliver video content and you should create video content in the ways your audience likes to consume it.  How does your audience like to consume their content?

When it comes to video, people shy away because they are still too uncertain to record themselves.  Start with some of the other two while you slowly build a few up.

The 3 main STREAM TYPES are:

  1. Videos WITH You in It
    1. You speaking to the camera sharing a thought, a lesson or a solution.
    2. You can be presenting with a white board.
    3. You can also do screen share where you are seen along side any presentation slides.
    4. Tools Quicktime, Phone Video Recorder
    5. Check out best editors Here, imovie is one I use.
    6. Check out the Article – The Goal of Videos from my Workshop
  2. Videos WITHOUT you in it
    1. Image or video slides shows with text over, audio.
    2. Convert a blog post to a video or create text over image/ video show Try Lumen5.com
  1. Videos with your VOICE
    1. Audio record over slideshow or video.
    2. You can also use quicktime to do a screen record and walk someone through a process or a lesson.
    3. Presentation or Webinar via screen share. Speaking through slides. This can allow for you to feel a bit more comfortable without a camera in your face. You can also read through a script without anyone seeing.   The results of this allow for a natural tone and talk if you do it right. This can work under the circumstances of this presentation.
    4. Audio file over image/video Check out the best tools to do this.
    5. Screen Record / Tutorial style videos where you walk audience through how to do something on desktop and you are speaking over a screen record. Easy tool for this com / Quicktime
    6. Great recorders – Quicktime
    7. This can also be a previously recorded track and you over lay an image with an audio file used for podcast audio cards.


How long should your videos be?
Keep videos from 7 sec to 3 min. The power of the video in the first 3-5 secs will determine if they want to see the rest of it. 

We are pressed for time, you have to give people 1 good reason to keep watching.  

Language (Spanish or English)

  1. Use what flows naturally for you, if the majority of your clients are in Spanish, speak Spanish.  And then if that is the case, make sure you are connecting with people that speak Spanish or understand Spanish, that will appreciate your videos. 
  2. English with an accent is always beautiful, never fear it. 
  3. Add captions so people can read along. 

Sandra Noemi Torres