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Ultimate Marketing Strategy Guide

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Marketing is like a musical sound wave.  It is the transfer and flow of emotional energy between 2 entities.

Ok, that may be a more sensual way of putting that, but it shows my fascination and passion for it.  Why?  Because the idea that one can be influenced in one way or another by words or images and the psychological data behind that, to me, is so friggin awesome!

The energy flow is the exchange of emotions. I want to share and help you make a decision but I have to speak to you where it matters.  Your heart and mind.

Marketing is the vibrational energy a company gives off.

Therein lies the marketing strategy.  How will you share your energetic message with the world? What messaging and techniques speak to your customers?

Your Marketing Strategy will evolve over time as you grow and your business grows. Marketing is ever evolving. But there is always one point of focus when it comes to marketing and that is the psychology and mindset of your target audience and buyer personas.

Marketing Psychology 

Marketing is about the Mind and how you can connect.  Are you bringing value to your potential buyer and buyers want to support organizations that are in line with either their moral values or their wallets and most often both.

Marketing is a wave of emotion.  We are creatures that respond to our emotions.  Our emotions dictate why we shop for what we shop for, what value we give to certain aspects of our lives and how much of a price tag we put on it.  Marketing is a psychological game. Speak to the hearts of your target audience and you will win over their business.  Be priced reasonable for the value and you will win over their loyalty.

Loyalty is grass roots marketing.

There is both Offline Marketing as well as Online Marketing ideas and areas that needs to be discussed.  In this post I will cover and include a general overview of both and go further in depth into them in their own links that you can also check out.

Marketing 101- The things you must never ever, no matter what, ever, I mean seriously never ever forget is this…

It doesn’t matter how great you are if no-one knows you exist.

This was beautifully put by one of my own mentors and coaches.

So here’s list you can reference:

Offline Marketing 

Offline marketing includes all the activities that allow exposure to your business that is outside the realms of your desktop, mobile device, tablet or whatever digital world whachamajig.

Offline Strategies and Ideas

  1. Networking Events
    1. Chamber of Commerce Networking Events
    2. Meetup Events
    3. Your Local Social Events
    4. Host Your Own Events
  2. Signage
    1. Purchasing outdoor signage in malls or outdoor billboards
    2. Your business card is part of your offline marketing, make sure you have a well designed card that doesn’t leave you feeling like its just like everybody else.
  3. Sponsorships
    1. Get involved with other businesses
    2. Trade shows


Online Marketing 

Aspects of Your Online Strategies

  1. The Website – these days many are opting their focus away from traditional websites and working with a series of landing pages.  I’m a believer in both and depending on your product or service, it’s simply a requirement for your survival.  People need a central location to always find you, even when they are looking for an offer they saw from a landing page, popup or email.  That’s why it’s called a web address. Get it?
    1. What type of website will you build?
    2. Elements and the pages you choose to include in your website vary on your product or service that you are offering.  If you are service centered you may not need a check out a full commerce shop just yet.
    3. Get your ideas down and either build it yourself as their is an array of tools that I share in other posts (in this post) that you can use to create your own website so long as you have the patience and willingness to get through the process.   I think as entrepreneurs and business owners today, you should have some form of understanding on the back end of your website.
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Split Testings
  4. Email Campaigns
  5. Facebook Marketing
  6. Facebook Ads
  7. Social Media Presence
  8. Social Media Management
  9. Partnerships / Link Sharing
  10. Press Releases
  11. Blog Posts
  12. Video Vlogs
  13. Youtube Videos
  14. Commercials

I will be digging very in depth into all of these.  Please share your comments, thoughts or suggestions.

To your success!


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