The Domain of Your Domain

The Domain of Your Domain

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Ready to build your online presence?

Here are some resources for you.  I hope that this ever-evolving list will add value to set you off to a good start.

1. Choosing a Domain Name  

  • When choosing a domain, go for .com extension.
  • Make it something one can remember
  • Checking availability

There are a few tools you can use to explore name options and find a name that serves you.  Here are a few places you can go that may assist you in narrowing down a domain that works with your key messaging.


2. Register & Hosting 

I happen to b a loyal GoDaddy user because to be honest my life is easier with them.  Everyone has a preference, but the idea of it all being managed in 1 central location works for you.

Use WordPress, unless your a full on e-commerce store, using wordpress will simplify your life and your ability to manage, update and develop your site over time.

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