The 5 Keys To A Thriving Life & Living Abundantly

The 5 Keys To A Thriving Life & Living Abundantly

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Being human isn’t always easy and our battle is almost always against ourselves.  We have to be able to manage ourselves in order to master our lives.

Here are the 5 Keys to living soulfully, spiritually and financially abundant.

And there is enough of it for everyone.  These keys represent mindsets as well as tangible things we can each do to improve our quality of life and quality of living.  Our minds need to be nourished, exercised and trained to work for us and not against us.

1. Wake Up, Be Grateful. You’re Alive. This means you have opportunity to create. You have the opportunity to fix something or break something. Either way, you possess power to do something today. Be grateful for that.

2. Remember Your Purpose. Get grounded. Meditate. Go out in nature. Do whatever you do to connect to your true self. Remind yourself of your spiritual connection to a greater power. Your higher light.

Not being grounded to your nature can cause ailments, can cause depression, can cause anxiety and fears and inhibit confidence.

3. Your Physical Health. Don’t touch the digital device yet. Do some stretches and get the energy shifting and moving throughout your body, this blood flow through movement feeds the brain.

Once you’re up, and in the kitchen, if you don’t already, drink 2 cups of water while your coffee is brewing. Eat your veggies and plants and getting weight training in.

4. Journal/ Write It Out – Every day keep a journal by your bed.. And wake up and write “Thank you for this day” This is my day and I intend to accomplish great work today that will help my prosperity and my legacy.

Write intentions and affirmations. This can be hard to keep up. I know. But if you keep journal paper near to your daily calendar it almost forces you to write down some thoughts. Force yourself. Even if the only thing you write is.

“I love myself and I am grateful to be alive. ”

5. Having an Action Planner – Your planner should have your goals and the things you are working towards. You should never lose sight of the prize. Most people write down goals and then forget to do things towards it because every day work gets in the way. Don’t lose sight of the prize of your big goals by having and keeping your goals handy. Look at them every single day.

Sandra Noemi Torres
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