SEO Secrets – How to Use SEO in Your Web Pages

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SEO Secrets – How to Use SEO in Your Web Pages

Search engine optimization is very crucial to your online success. Search engine optimization or SEO for short can actually make or break your success and learning to use it correctly on your pages is a big must. SEO is using all the key words to best describe what you offer so others can find you through search engines.

SEO is a clear story of what you offer as referred to from all walks of life.

What does that mean -all walks of life? It means that if up in Jersey they say digital cam’s and if down in the south they refer to it as “digital photography” or out west they might say “HD camera’s,” you have to use all those key words if you want to sell to everyone across the US. You have to research the way your market talks and use key words that they would use to search for your product.

SEO has Class – Don’t abuse SEO tactics.

Most search engines today like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are up on spammers and their deceptive tricks. Don’t think because you use the keywords over and over that search engines will pick up on you and rank you number one. You can be further from the truth. Overuse of keywords can be a very bad thing and considered keyword abuse to search engines. The internet and major search engines are constantly trying to filter out the garbage or the spammers. You can easily be considered a spammer by overusing keywords. So be careful. Rule of thumb is your keywords should be spread out to be used every hundred words or so. It pretty much needs to read well, make sense and provide quality information.

Have a plan and Hire a Writer if you need to.

Know what you are best at. Having an effective SEO tactic, plan and thought out presentation of yourself, your business and what you’re offering is crucial to your online success. You have to effectively depict yourself, your products and or your services in a professional and classy manner or you can be doing more harm than good.

Create a written plan of what your overall goals are and the best effective way to reach that goal. Most companies hire professional marketers and SEO content writers to help them reach those goals. So don’t feel overwhelmed, focus on your specialty and seek the advice of professionals or soak up as much information from the internet.

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