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Sandra Noemi Torres

Sandra Noemi is a mission driven thought leader passionate about advancing brands, people & communities.

She was once a single mom, her son now being 25 years old and advancing in his own career. 

Sandra is an experienced Advertising Strategist & Marketing Veteran
and has spent more than 20 years working alongside CEO’s to scale and grow their businesses. 

She is the Owner at PlanYourCompany.com, a Marketing & Advertising Agency for Small Business Owners. 

She also coaches Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners for organizations and through local or virtual events.  

She serves as the President of UnitedLatinas Inc, an organization geared to support and empower underserved Hispanic Women. 

She is a Board Member for Hispanic Business Leaders, and organization created to educate, empower and bring together thought leaders within the Hispanic community to find ways to advance the community.

The Life Agreement is the name of Sandra’s first book and inspires us to Own the Courage needed to define our own destiny. 

Through her Podcast, Cafe Con Leadership, Sandra interviews leaders across the country who have both a message and a drive to see underserved communities rise. 

Sandra Noemi Torres is an Entrepreneur, Author, Life Coach and Business Strategist. She brings over 25 years of business operations, management, sales, and marketing strategy to her Business Coaching practice.

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