3 Step Roadmap to Achieve Your Goals

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3 Step Roadmap to Achieve Your Goals

What is a Roadmap? Well, simply put, it’s taking inventory of where you are and creating a clear direction to where you want to go. Period. And yet, the most profound Ultimate Action Plan.

Who Am I to Become?

I have asked myself this question often. Who is the woman I feel, I not only need to be, but I have dreamt of being, or care to be? Whom do I feel called to help for the sake of making a difference upon humanity?

How do I want to live? How healthy do I want to feel? What kinds of relationships do I want to experience? What places do I want to explore? What types of clients do I want to attract? What type of leader do I want to become?

How often do you ask yourself this question? More importantly how clear is your answer to the question of WHO are you and what are you becoming?

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never arrive.”

Creating goals, creating an obstacle handler and creating momentum is creating a paved path to your hidden treasure. Are you ready?

Where are you right now? What is it that you want to go do and accomplish? How can you effectively get there?

Do you know confidently the answers to these questions? Because the facts are that I have asked most individuals I have come in contact with and they do not know the HOW portion. And I don’t mean the literal HOW, I mean the metaphoric possibility How. Like as in, “How the heck could that be possible for me?”

PHASE 1 – Audacity

So do you have audacity?
This is Your Life.  You are Inherently Worthy. So what will you do with it?

Audacity is a big subject for me, I want to sew this word into the hearts of those who feel underserved. Those who feel the burning of the flame within them and yet also feel its dwindling when the world comes and throws a tidal wave upon it.

Self Belief – The Foundation for Everything.

I don’t care who you are or where you came from. Nothing will ever stop the power of God. Are you fully embracing that about yourself?

The God you seek in heaven or the omnipresent God you believe exists… exists within you. You have been blessed to exist and are part of the fabric of Gods Universe.

So stop doubting yourself. Stop walking around like a victim. Stop feeling helpless, useless, and even worse, worthy-less.

Too many people are walking around like victims. When you need to be walking around with a Plan and a vision for the world you wish to create for yourselves.

What are the Goals & Desires You Have For Yourself?

Let’s get to identifying some of those things:

In this section & exercise, you will need a sheet of paper as we will write out big and little visions that you have. I also want you to mark a little star down next to the things that make you feel strong emotions.

Writing out your vision.

1. Life Goals – What are the dreams, goals or purpose for your life?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Example: The purpose of my life is to live authentically. To experience all things fully. To enjoy every moment. To learn, to grow and to become all that I can become. To grow spiritually, to love deeply, to give immensely, and to serve others to the best of my abilities.  To use all the gifts that GOD has given me to make the biggest and most positive impact on our planet and this universe.

2. Business -What Goals do I have for my business & career?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Example  (visualization) My business is booming.  I am providing value to those I serve.

3. Health – What Goals do I have for my health?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Example  (visualization) I am emotionally and physically in the best shape of my life. I work out, I meditate for x minutes, I practice mindfulness; I eat healthy meals every day.

4. Financial Wealth – What Goals do I have for my Money? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Example (visualization) I have $________________ in my bank account. I am earning $__________________ every month. I am totally debt free. I saved an additional $_________________

5. Relationships  – What kinds of relationships do I want in my life? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Example (visualization) I attract good, people into my life. I am committed to being the best version I can be for others.


Now that we have a sense of the things we want that will cause our lives to be healthier in nature. What habits do we need to incorporate & which ones do we need to let go?

There will need to be changes you must make in your life.  Because your goals will come at the cost of your discomfort.

Are you prepared to make them?

New Habits I will start:


Habits I will start (example) – Focus my attention on doing things that produce results. Use my “Course of Actions” Calendar, Journal Daily

Habits I will stop:


Habits I will stop (example) – Constantly checking fb and social media, Put less sugar in my coffee, Caring what others say.

Creating morning rituals & habits:

  • Exercise / Meditation
  • Practice Gratitude. Find everything to be grateful for.
  • Review my Life & Business Roadmap daily
  • Visualize and do something small towards my goals.
  • Maintain a powerful & grounded sense of self.
  • Believe You Are Worthy.

Write Down Your Daily Affirmations


(Example) I am Worthy. I am learning new habits and letting go of bad ones that have held me back. I am worthy of all that I have and all that is coming to me.  I am able to help others from my experiences.   My purpose is what I create it to be.


“Vision without action is a daydream”

What stops most people is not that they don’t always know what to do, because there are ways to do it, it’s that they don’t take the action today to do it.  Something is blocking them, they are afraid of success or failure or both.  There are many reasons why people don’t take action.  You must push through anything telling you to hold off one more day to care for your own quality of life. Action Starts Today!  It’s Your Life.

What can you do today to start moving the needle forward?

This is a very general layout so you get the idea of your brain thinking of the importance of each of these areas in your life.



(workout 3-4x week)


Financial Wealth

(get 3 new client)

(make 20 calls per day)


(ask for what I need)

(don’t respond in anger)


(reach out to my target)

(create streams of income)

(make 20 calls )

Spiritual Growth

(read daily)

(self improvement)

Fun & Experiences

(save $x per/month)

Things to remember:

You are worthy to live life on your terms.

Desire things that have meaning and matter over the material.

You were created by God. You are beautiful and you deserve every good thing.

The Life Agreement states one main point. This life is YOUR life. You are the captain of your own ship and you get to decide which way you will steer. There may be heavy winds, there may be oceans of waves but ultimately you are a God that has the full potential to manifest your ‘universe’. We get this one opportunity to live, so what will you do with it?

Many people live their lives wondering where all the time went. Before you get to that realization, I want you to feel like you gave this life your ‘all. Because you should.

It’s time you took the action needed to live your life by your unique design.

To Our Beautiful Lives,

Sandra Noemi Torres

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