Marketing Kaleidoscope

Marketing Kaleidoscope

Marketing strategy ideas

Marketing is broad, it incorporates everything you do both online and offline to share your brand with the world.

What is it that your company does highly impacts how you approach all of the below.  Some entrepreneurs put a lot of focus  on one aspect of their business over another.  Whatever path you or your team decide to venture, these facets of marketing must be address in some way.

Your Website

With so many ways to design a website, before you begin you need to ask yourself the question, What is the goal of my website?

Determining what the overal goal of your website is critical because it determines how you will want to design and lay it out so that the outcome is taking someone from education to interest.   What is it that you want to happen every time someone visits your website?  What do you want them to do, read, learn, take action on?

So here is an ever evolving list of the kaleidoscope of marketing you want to put thought around.

  1. Type of Website
  2. The type of website will determine the page layout or the landing page you see when you first go to a website’s URL.
  3. Typical Page Structure
    • About the Company – What will it contain? Who will write it?
    • Products & Services Page – Have clearly images and description of all your products and/or services.  Make sure you highlight the benefits of your programs or packages.
    • Contact us – But don’t let this fool you, you should have your best form of contact available  on every page.  It amazes me when I see some who promote themselves as “marketing and business coaches’ and yet do not even have their contact number throughout their site on every page.  So yea.. make sure you have this page setup. But sprinkle your info in other locations.
    • Shop Page – Do you need one?
      • If you’re a company or trying to grow one, there should be a way for consumers to buy a product on your site, say a bill with you etc.   Let your site become an easy way to collect money. And you can also create a customer only backend interface that is not accessible to the open public.
  4. Landing Pages
  5. Split Testing
  6. Pop Ups
  7. Email Collection


Social Media

There are 3 elements to managing your social media marketing. This applies to every single social media platform you decide is best for your business.  Where do you clients hang out?  Which platform would you find them in?

1. Create Content
2. Share Content
3. Interact With Your Audience

Now let’s get to building and structuring how you view your social media activity.

  1. The Master Calendar – Don’t invent the wheel,  Download this Free PDF here
  2. Facebook
    1. Post Schedule
    2. Post Type
      1. News Worthy Share
      2. Fun Share
      3. Brand Mission-Centered Share
    3. Interaction Time
  3. Instagram
    1. Post Schedule
    2. Images / Content / Purpose
    3. Images
  4. Pinterest
    1. Post Schedule
    2. Images / Content / Purpose
    3. Comment Schedule
  5. Twitter
    1. Post Schedule
    2. Quirky, Fun, Opinionated
    3. Images / Content / Purpose
  6. LinkedIn
    1. Post Schedule
    2. Professional Expertise Share
    3. Share your blog
  7. Google
    1. I suggest google post social platform.  This is often overlooked but does great for local businesses.  You don’t have to be on here everyday.  Just be on it, post something, comment and bail for a few weeks while you focus on what will really drives business.  But you’ll get a reminder to post again, and do it.

Digital Marketing

  1. Email Campaigns
    1. Free to low cost solutions for email campaigns
  2. Market Research
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Plugins for Efficiency
  5. Website Health Monitoring

Content Development & Distribution Plan

  1. Create Your 90 Day Calendar
  2. Types of Blogs
    1. Industry Specific
    2. Heartfelt
    3. Inspirational
    4. Educational
    5. Tags
    6. Categories
    7. Product Descriptions
  3. Articles
  4. What % will be written in house?
  5. Articles being shared from curating sources?
  6. Images
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Post Writing
  9. What is the process for approval?
  10. Content Curation
  11. Vlogs


  1. Video Production
    1. Tools 
  2. Types of Videos
  3. FB Live
  4. Product/Service Training
  5. Commercial
  6. Video Distribution
  7. YouTube
  8. Vimeo

Data & Analytics

  1. Market Research
  2. Target Demographics
  3. Business Sources & Resources
  4. Buyer Persona – Who is your buyer?

Offline Marketing

  1. Flyers
  2. 8.5 x 11 Handouts
  3. 4 x 6 Handouts
  4. Business Cards

PR Distribution

  1. Industry Magazines
  2. Press Release Submission
  3. Join Industry Organizations

Email Campaigns

  1. Nurture Your Customer Base
  2. Up-sells
  3. Email Campaigns
  4. Retargeting

Other Content

  1. ebooks
  2. Tips
  3. Downloadables

Values & Identity

Who are you?
What are your values?
What is your story?
What’s the story you wish to share with the world?

Do it, you’ve waiting long enough with your gift inside… it’s time to execute.
Surround yourself with the network that will help.