Keywords Research Tool

Keywords Research Tool

Keywords Research Tools

Improve your site’s performance with these Keyword Research Tools.

A great Keyword Research strategy will help you optimize your website to gain organic marketing and help you create powerful content for your social media strategy plan.

Keyword Research 

Running Keyword Research – It’s important to get ideas on creating long tail keywords, Easily Uncover Search Volume, CPC and Trend Data.
Best tools to learn HOW to run searches and find keywords that will best work for your pages.
We will talk about using Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension; Conducting Boolean Search, Using Uber Suggest, (Keyword’s Hitter but they do “shit”out a bunch of long tail keywords.
Note: Customers are not searching for you or your site, they are searching for valuable information to solve a problem they are having Or valuable information about something they would like to buy.

Optimizing Websites for Organic Search with Keyword Research 

Optimizing your website with your keyword research findings is crucial for Organic Marketing. SEO for your Blog sites and Website is an important aspect to being found by your customers.
1. Using Meta Tags and keyword structure:  Title Tags, Include keyword once in h2,h3 tags; Meta Descriptions 160 characters or less and should sum up page.  Title Tags & optimization needs to be done PER PAGE.
2. Keep URL’s short and sweet  ex.
3. Designate One long tail keyword per page –
4. Better Delete Revision WordPress Plugin that will delete old copies that take up space and affect your sites load time.
5. W3 Total CacheWordPress Plugin  – improve site performance 
6. Image Names and Alt Tags on website.  Best practice – Alt tags must describe the image to a point + incorporate the keyword from the page it is being used on. But No keyword stuffing.
7. WP Smush – WordPress Plugin – Image Size Optimization  – Best practice is to upload Small High Quality to begin with. But this plugin minimizes image file sizes if you have a ton that are not optimized.
8. Link Building – Backlinks (hardest to acquire, requires time and valuable content), Outbound links (good for your site, make sure links add to your brand image, have at least 2 outbound) and internal link building (a must for your site) Links to older related content.
9. SEO Tools for writing your posts
 Best SEO plugin for WordPress sites – Yoast Plugin – Yoast Plugin is Free, they do have paid version.

Organic Social Media

Organic Social Media 
Names of Your Pages/Company Pages should be the Same as your Google My Business Account
Social Media Platforms & Your Ranking – Make sure you own your name across all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Insta will all rank you if someone is searching for you.
Ranking with your content & Showing up on people’s feeds
Share Content that is valuable, informative, interesting
Ranking with the links you share by sharing thought leader articles
Connected to a network of people that have the problem you solve. – Ex. The more engagement on Linkedin, the more organic exposure.
Sharing VS. Re-sharing – why it matters and How Facebook differs from Linkedin.
Hitting Publish over and over again is THE WAY towards ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA