Podcast Episode: How To Stop Procrastinating

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Podcast Episode: How To Stop Procrastinating

What I talk about in this Live Stream Video I shared on Youtube the other day.

Inaction stops all of us at points or another.  It’s about being aware of the consequences of inaction, being prepared and being mindful about it all.

So I put together this post, because by doing so I am practicing what I’m preaching.  There are no easy ways, no path devoid of pain and uncertainty, but it is the journey of mastering the self and overcoming our own selves to find the peace that is hidden inside of us by nature.

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3 Roads To Action

Number 1

What do you really want?

The Life you really want to have.  Believe it or not, most people DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT.  And how could you blame that.  This world is full of opportunities and we are not simple, we like the taste and touch of many things.  But there is something deep inside you that knows what rest is, and it also knows what aspirations are running through you.

Start by writing that down.  What does peace and rest look like for you?
What does “having made it” look like for you?

Number 2

What has to happen.

Create a vomit list, gross name maybe, but it’s literal.  A giant “to do” list that you have floating around in your head.  Whatever you got floating around in your head as it comes to you, write it down on this paper. It doesn’t have to be in any specific order.  Just get it out as you think of it.

Vomit all of your ideas on there, all of your thoughts that cloud progress.

Some examples are: Create a Facebook Page, Create videos, do an email, build a website, talk to people, do some networking design a postcard, create an event, learn, follow up, etc.

Then grab another paper and create 3 columns. Or you can use the same sheet and 3 different color highlighters.

You will divide that list of things that need to get done into three separate columns.

Column 1 or color one is: What’s Easy for Me?
What are the items that you can do, that you like to do and that won’t take you a ton of time?

Column 2 or color two: What Makes The Money? 
What are the income producing activities? Let’s face it, we sometimes tend to avoid the hard stuff that makes us the money because we are caught up on the fun stuff.

In this column you want to clearly see the items that make you money.   Talk to people, create campaigns, create webinars and workshops, do follow ups etc.

Column 3 or color 3:  WHO Can Help?
What things will require outside help? What items on that list will either take time, be a headache, or needs someones help?

The stuff that you have been meaning to get done, but haven’t yet. Whether it’s because you haven’t quite figured it out or it’s merely taking to long cause it’s not perfect enough.

Look at that list, and let that list soak into you.

The goal is for you to see that you will

Focus on #2 with intention
Start banging out some number #1’s
Find the WHO is your #3

What are you losing every day that goes by?
What is inaction costing you? Both Financially & Emotionally

Number 3

The Actual Act of Action –
Think about what you know needs to get done in your business and then ask yourself WHY hasn’t it gotten done yet?

Literally, write out your excuse. What’s stopping you? Or What has gotten in the way?  Whether it’s heartache, loss, fear, feelings of brokenness, your own bad habits.

Ask yourself what is stopping you?

In Summary, There are things you need to do and you need to clearly understand what you need to do.  Get clear, create a list and find people to support you or it will hold you back.

The only person responsible for your situation right now is you.
Have a blessed day.

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