How to Submit Your Podcast to iHeart Radio

How to Submit Your Podcast to iHeart Radio

So you have your podcast ready and are looking for more distribution?

When it comes to podcast distribution many services will automatically submit your podcast to the major platforms like Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher and a few more.

But there are 2 awesome major podcasting platforms that your podcast will not get auto submitted and that you will need to submit on your own.

The 2 Major Platforms are Amazon & iheartRadio

Amazon’s process is usually pretty quick within a day or 2 or 3.
And to Submit your Podcast to Amazon Go Here

To Submit Your Podcast to ihearRadio

Follow these Steps.

First here are the terms for iheartradio.  For iheartRadio you will need to sign terms that allows iheartradio to possibly place ads before, after or contemporaneously while the podcast is playing.   The ad revenue is not yours.

I think it’s a fair exchange for them to share and offer my podcast to those who go through the iheart radio podcast library over the Apple Podcasts, Spotifys and Google Podcast hosting of the worlds.

Submitting your podcast to iheartRadio

  1. Go to this iheart Radio Submission Link
  2. You will need your
    1. Email,
    2. Podcast Title,
    3. Podcast RSS URL Link for your podcast
    4. Terms & Conditions – And you will need to agree to a few terms and conditions that ensures the content and podcast you are submitting is yours and it’s your own created content. And that iheartradio has the discretionary right to place ads.

The process to get approval for your podcast to actually go live on iheartRadio will take a few more days to a week or so.

When your podcast is live you will receive an email like this:

In any case I find that having these distribution methods are really added methods to grow your Podcast brand.

I hope you found this helpful.
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