How To Promote Your Online Events & Webinars

How To Promote Your Online Events & Webinars

If you are a business owner looking to share what you do with others, you should be doing events. Here are seven really great ways for you to Promote Your Events online.

How to Promote Your Online Event

1) Eventbrite (for registrations)  Make sure every event you create has an eventbrite page.  This serves as registrations but also some people surf eventbrite looking for events that they should or could attend.

2) Facebook Page – Make sure you add the event to your Facebook page.  And then share it as a post as well.

3) Invite people on facebook to your event.  Please look for the video that I share that shows you exactly how to do that.

4) Send Invites Via Messenger (to those you really hope to attend. This can be a it more time consuming, it depends on you and the type of event you are doing.

5) Linkedin events.  You are able to add an event on Linkedin.  And you are able to add people to your event from Linkedin.  This is great because you have followers on Linkedin that are not part of your Facebook.

6) Share event in FB Groups (those that allow you to)

7) —- In my opinion, this is a must have for anyone creating events.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Creating Events

1) It allows you to be an authority on your subject matter

2) You grow in the process

3) It gets your name out there

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