Handling Your Website Links

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Handling Your Website Links

What is the most “ugh” grammar mistake in business today. Non- Working Links.  Mistyping your links into your profiles or improperly copying and pasting them.

I have been to the pages of more than I count and have found non-working links.  A truly simple careless mistake.  But something that means so much.  Take the time to double-check these, make sure they work. Make sure they are going where you want them to go. Your incoming links are a crucial and needed in today’s world of online presence.

This is a Reminder:

Check your websites that you are listing and check them often, in all your different social avenues and make sure those links are working and directing traffic to your business or where the original intent for them was.  – Otherwise delete them.

These links will never reach you and

it makes you look unprofessional.

From links that are just carelessly missing a ‘w’ in http://www.yourdomain.com  or the letter “m” in the ‘.com.  The links you manage in your social media sites and wherever opportunity you are involved should all be working and tested.  This is a very careless mistake that can cost you money and a potential business opportunity. If you don’t have a proper working site, just have the ‘web address’ of your Facebook page in its place.

When you share a link with others, take time to read what you’re sending out, as well as check that it clicks through and works properly to a working site. Bad links fails your potential business sales, opportunities and others might not ever be exposed to your business.

So just like you check your fire alarms in your home – check your links -all of em and often.

To Your Success!