What Every Business Owner With Employees Needs to Know

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What Every Business Owner With Employees Needs to Know

I have been to countless networking events and I enjoy as well as host events.  One thing that irritates me more is when I meet someone who came with someone to the event and is a professional at their job tell me  “I’m not in sales”

The idea of sales is intimidating, you may feel like you intimidate others when you say you’re in sales.   But for those “administrators, office assistant, accountant, CFO, COO, VP’s of every department, the janitor, the mailroom boy.   Everyone that works in your company is a sales tool.  They represent you. And you want them out there selling for you.  So you create an area oh high-performance training and

Your Mission Statement

For those that say that you’re not in sales.  I’m here to tell you that you’re full of it.  If you’re in any position in the company and you don’t feel comfortable and passionate about the companies mission or people, you shouldn’t be there.  Life’s to f’in short to work for a company whose morals you don’t align with.   And if you do believe in your company, when you’re out networking and someone asks you, sharing your position and selling is in your favor.  You get the benefit of dropping their guard and simply sharing your passion or belief in the mission statement that if they are a target client, you will create an opportunity.

Everyone is a Salesman/woman

And business owners, you want all your employees to think this way.  Everyone is a salesman.  No-one should bail out from this responsibility.  Growing a company is a team effort. And if your employees do not believe in or even know your mission statement and can’t effectively communicate it to others when they are out and networking, then you need to work on that.