Defining Your Customers

Defining Your Customers

Who are your customers

How do you define your customers? Have you identified them yet?  The biggest mistake we can do is to assume that everyone, in essence, is a customer for our products.  The fact of the matter is that although any one can be a customer or consumer of our product, it does not mean they are.  So we must identify the category our product or service lies within and the people who are best apt and ready to buy and consume what we are sharing.

So how do we begin to determine who our customers are?

Try these few tips below and ask yourself these critical questions.  Then we can discover how to find them so we can market to the largest possible group of potential consumers of our product.  Are you with me?  Good, I know you get the gist.

So for today’s example, I will use a health drink.  Health & Nutrition is a critical and highly competitive market.  It is a tough market to break into so there will need to be a ton of branding done.  But first, let’s find out who are buyers are.

What type of health product is it?  (Not every person who is a consumer of health products will be a consumer of your product.  Your product may not live up to their standards or their preference.  Or their version of health is purely on taste and not focused on quality and value of the nutrition.

Determine what are the types of attributes of your buyer?
(Vegan/Vegetarian/ Special Diet)

Do they have gut issues/ heart issues?

Do they consume for the personal will of health or out of medical obligation?

How old are they?  Can they be any age?  If so how old are?

The necessity of identifying your target market is to grow your business by sharing with more people who are more apt to be a customer, client or consumer.


Next we will review where to find your target customers.