Craft Your Perfect Business Plan

Craft Your Perfect Business Plan

Modern Business Plan Strategy

Business Plan

Use this template to guide you through answering the questions that you need to know as a business owner and write your own business plan.

Description of Business

  1. Describe the Product or Service?
  2. Do you solve a problem? Or is artistic in nature.
  3. What is it that you do differently?
  4. What will you sell and who will buy it?
  5. The Market

What is the health of the industry you’re in?

  1. What need is there in the market?
  2.  What are the growth trends?  What is the market’s longevity?
  3. What makes you unique in this market space?
  4. What is your market willing to pay for your type of product? And how do you compare?
  5. What are the product or service benefits?


  1. What companies exist now and how can you compete with them?

Research Reports

  1. Keyword Usage
  2. Traffic Sources
  3. Location of Business
  4. Brick & Morter or E-Commerce


  1. Who is in your leadership team or circle that you will have access to?
  2. What skills do you guys/gals have & what skills will you need?
  3. Personnel
    1. Employee Management
    2. Employee Onboarding Process
    3. New Hire Training Checklist – The training checklist should include:  A welcome letter introducing them to the company, as well as a welcome email to the entire company introducing them to the team.  This makes the new hire feel special and welcomed and eager to please you as the business owner. It should include policies and procedures, time-off policy, and any critical paperwork such as W2, 1099 or pay schedule. 
    4. Ensure Values are understood by everyone.
    5. Sales Training
    6. Keeping the Momentum & Motivation
    7. Building a Power Team
    8. Ensuring a Positive Office Work Environment

Sources of Funding 

  1. How much money is accessible to the company?
  2. The Strategy Plan consists of how you will take this product to market, whom will you sell to and why will they buy?

Strategy Plan

  1. How will you sell and who will buy it?
  2. Did you establish your buyer’s persona?
  3. Who are your customers?
  4. Why would they shop from you?
  5. Where do they live?
  6. Where do they hang out online?
  7. Where do they hang out offline?
  8. What is their expendable income?
  9. Is your product high end – a luxury or common purchase?
  10. What strategies will you use to find them and speak to them?


When you think deeply about these questions, they will help you confidently establish a solid foundation of your business and what the goals are for your company in the long term.

To Your Success!