Courage To Become Anything In Your Life

Courage To Become Anything In Your Life

Courage in business

I had a call with a friend of mine today. She was going through a hard time. She needed to change everything about her professional and personal life. Everything was wrong. She isn’t happy at work and she was not happy at home. And she hadn’t been for some time. Today was just one of those days that it emotionally catches up and you feel like screaming out. She wanted someone to vent on. She needed to cry and feel like she was heard. I was there for her. I was a friend.

What stops people from reaching their supernova?
She has to make some pretty personal and hard decisions and change absolutely everything and although it’s difficult she knew that she was living in a prison. She was miserable and she knew she deserved better in every aspect, at least that is what she said. This isn’t the first time these emotions have come up.

It’s scary. Yes, I know the feeling, I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

So what keeps people too afraid to move out of a difficult unloving situation or professional career? What stops them from feeling within themselves that they deserve all good things life has to offer? And being certain about what they will allow in their lives and what they won’t? Why is it easier for some and harder for others to make these decisions?

In my friends case, the decision was obvious, but to her it wasn’t. She was torn between the fear of change and the courage to love herself & her state of mind more than the anything. Why not go for a better job? How did you get the mindset that you are worthless and how do we help heal that in society?

Should we be forced to live in a collective nightmare by rules that don’t align with our level of compassion and sense of moral peace?

I think many of us have felt weak, some are feeling extremely weak at this moment. I too have allowed for my sense of self worth and courage be flatlined. I am full of brokenness myself.

But what if you could learn to tap into all the courage you need to handle any situation in your life so that you can step forward and jump into the abyss so that you can truly create a joyous and meaningful life? At any time.

I thought maybe this post can help others to feel they are not alone.

So let’s answer these……What does it take to Own the Courage to your life?

The First way to Tap Into Your Courage..

1 • Remembering WHO & WHAT You Are

To Get and operate in the state of “In Your Mojo” In your professional & entrepreneurial desires, you want to operate & keep operating in the state of self reflection.

ReThese are just a few of the infinite elements of who & what you are and what you NEED TO KEEP AT THE FOREFRONT of your minds to remember your power and reclaim your courage:

You have the breath of life of God IN you. You are breathing, thinking, feeling. A complicated consciousness evolving, discovering and becoming more self aware.
You are made of Stardust, the same material literally as the stars. You are a Star.
In the matters of Mind Health (Meditations), Health(Fitness & Food) and Conscious Caring (Self development) – it ALL matters.
If we are not growing spiritually in all of these aspects, we are not growing at the rate of which we wish to operate in. You are not optimum, you are not in your “mojo”. Thereby you are letting opportunities pass you by or worse yet, you are not pursuing anything and you find yourself often at a cross roads that you can’t seem to decide on the right course of action. You don’t change things.

Scientific proof our brains are malleable. Neuroscience studies has discovered and found evidence that our minds are evolving states of conscious operated in limitless possibility. They are ever growing, ever changing and can add to itself.

Tap into that reminder all the time. So what’s the point of making of living in negative state? Sure you can be upset, disappointment and anger in your life. You’ll just know that in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that important. Take hate, animosity, resentments, jealousy and negative crap out of your life.

I mention all this to remind you that, You are Power & Deep like the Galaxies. You are Profoundly Beautiful. So don’t ever forget that. Focus on living in that state of mind, all the time.

2 • Get Ready

Commit to Yourself to Complete Courses of Actions. Mentally prepare yourself to do the things you need to do.

Get your crap together. And you know what that means to you.

Get your mind right, Get your money right. Because you are braver when you have your crap together. So get it together. If you are broken or undergoing mental health issues reach out.

Once you have your mind in the limitless mindset, it’s time to make moves.

The Continuum of Self Development – Learn the perpetual art of self education. Get in the habit of making sure you are committing to challenging your own thinking often.

Buy books, study and I’m talking about in both your professional industry news and spiritual growth and evolution. This build confidence. This builds your ability to make courageous decisions in your best interest for your sense of joy.

There is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
If you’re reading this, I’m almost certain that you’ve had the feeling of “being in your flow; being in your mojo” feeling when you feel great at your job or work. When you are ‘on the ball’ and pretty friggin confident that you are being awesome and in the good energy of the Universe.

As emotional humans we have ebb and flows of this, but I’d like to write about that more in depth on another post. Follow me or subscribe to my newsletter on

3 • Don’t Quit

Don’t you dare quit. Sure pivot, sure change directions, sure go a longer route, but don’t you ever quit on something that is pulling at your heart.

I believe we can find ways to support each other.

To our Divine Development,

Sandra Noemi Torres

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