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Podcast Episode: How To Stop Procrastinating

What I talk about in this Live Stream Video I shared on Youtube the other day. Inaction stops all of us at points or another.  It’s about being aware of the consequences of inaction, being prepared and being mindful about it all. So I put together this post, because by doing so I am practicing…
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Courage To Become The Ultimate Warrior In Your Life

What stops people from reaching their supernova?
She has to make some pretty personal and hard decisions and change absolutely everything and although it’s difficult she knew that she was living in a prison. She was miserable and she knew she deserved better in every aspect, at least that is what she said. This isn’t the first time these emotions have come up.

Podcast Guest Form

Show Guest Application Thanks so much for your interest in being a guest on Plan Your Company Podcast, a show dedicated to bringing mindful thoughts on life and business to entrepreneurs. The mission is to be a hub that brings real life conversation, obstacles and resources together for Entrepreneurs and Professionals.  Please complete the below…
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3 Step Roadmap to Achieve Your Goals

What is a Roadmap? Well, simply put, it’s taking inventory of where you are and creating a clear direction to where you want to go. Period. And yet, the most profound Ultimate Action Plan. Who Am I to Become? I have asked myself this question often. Who is the woman I feel, I not only need…
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7 Best Team Communication & Collaboration Tools

I’ve been putting together a list of resources that I can use in my organization and with my teams and I thought that you may benefit as well. Top Tools I have found that do the job 1) – Slack can be used via phone app or on your desktop.  It allows you to…
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Idea to Entrepreneur | Plan Your Company

You have an Idea You dream of your success You think about what it takes to make it happen You’re scared of failing So You don’t try or You Commit You write down the details Your offerings You research competition You purchase a domain You build a website You share on facebook You create a…
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The Belief System | Self Belief & Self Worth

The number one thing that holds most people back is their belief system.  Believing you can do something certainly impacts the probability that you can do it.  Without belief failure is inevitable.

This 30 Day Challenge Is EXACTLY What I Needed

Interested in learning about Funnels and Marketing? This year, I’ve put a huge focus on New IMPLEMENTATION in my business. We live in a world with soooo much information right at our fingertips. Almost anything we need to know is literally a few clicks away…right? But here’s the thing… All the articles you sift through…
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SheCaucus, Melissa Beralt Talks Latinx Community

SheCaucus & College Professor Dr. Melissa Beralt Talks Latinx Community  and education. — Support this podcast:

Creating A Goop Board for Goals

The Goop Board – What Is A Goop and Why Is It So Powerful? – This is also Part 3 of the 3 Types of Vision Boards’ Series I have learned many versions of this.  And this method is powerful.  Learning how to create a system for ourselves that supports ourselves and catches us when…
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Women Empowerment, Business Tips and CoWorking Spaces – Sandra & Michelle Y Talbert Talk

Women Empowerment, Business Tips and CoWorking Spaces – Sandra & Michelle Y Talbert Talk. Come learn more about Michelle Y Talbert of Her Power Space in Broward County, Florida — Support this podcast:

3 Vision Boards For Growth

Vision Boards Defined – Visualization with Sandra Noemi Torres — Support this podcast:

The Crap Board & Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

The Crap Board & Releasing Your Baggage is powerful for entrepreneurs and professionals.  Learn what you need to do and how to do it in this episode.  Learn how to let go of your limiting beliefs, self doubt and baggage so you can create a powerful vision board.  — Support this podcast:

Ilhiana Rojas & Transformational Coaching

In this show we are learning from Ilhiana Rojas of BeLive Coaching.  Come listen with us as she shares her story and her nuggets of wisdom.  #Latinas #PlanYourCompany — Support this podcast: