Business Tools for Every Savvy Entrepreneur

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Business Tools for Every Savvy Entrepreneur

It’s all about tools and apps and I’m about to share some of my favorite finds that can support every professional, entrepreneur and business owner on their Business journey

Things to consider:

Some browsers are not as compatible.  I work in Chrome and I don’t have any issues.

1) Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Search Tool –

A Powerful Google Chrome Extension that gives you insight on the keywords you search and related to get an idea as to how your potential clients might be searching for you.  This is also helpful to create content that speaks to your potential client in the same language they’re searching in.


Have a great pic of yourself but  wish you could remove the background?  Try  Low res versions are Free. And it’s perfect for most digital & social media use. allows you to remove the background of any image.


Looking for Content ideas. This is a great tool.
Search Volume, The going Cost Per Click Rate for that keyword. Competitor Info etc.

4) Trello – Organization of Thoughts Ideas and To Do’s

5) Tenacity & Resolve

This is a long game. People want immediate results for very little effort. That’s why they say do what you love, find what you love.. cause if you don’t, you won’t stick it out.

**If you found any one of these tools to be powerful, please give this post a like or let me know which Tools you like best.  Please also feel free to share any of your favorite tools so we can all gain.

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