Building Strong Relationships With Your Clients

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Building Strong Relationships With Your Clients

If you’re a human,  and definitely if you’re in sales or marketing or dreaming of your own business you need to have people skills.

I hear many people say what’s so special about you, why does someone want to do business with you.  Well, my answer is very easy.  I level the playing field.  I create the energy of oneness in the room.  I am here just as you are there and at the end of the day we are all salespeople.  Regardless of what side of the table you are sitting on.

You need to be able to feel comfortable being yourself and confident in your knowledge about what you’re bringing to the table.

Here are few basic tips and reminders when you walk into your next meeting.  Take a deep breath, remember how important you are to the universe and then…

  1. Don’t Sell. Tell.
  2. Be Authentic. Be You. Be Real.
  3. Have Amazing Customer Service.




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