Build a Stronger Brain 13 Ways

Build a Stronger Brain 13 Ways

Build a Stronger Brain

Want a Super Brain? Don’t we all?   Science says that you may be able to have one. Our brains are malleable and they have the potential to create and fire new neurons when it’s “forced to.”

We have to get comfortable with challenging it. All the time. Never stay idle
and always be learning new things.

With the recent release of discoveries on the human brain it is no wonder why more people are open to understanding the power of the human mind and how we can use it to manifest and create a joyous life.

There is that old adage goes that if you don’t use it, you lose it. And most people want to keep it.  And even enhance it. So let’s get into it.

Keep in mind it’s not any one of these things alone that build a stronger brain, it’s all of these things.  Every single one of these things working together like a collaborative effort feed the health and wellness of our brain and deliver a better quality of life.  Do them all.

Top 13 Ways to Build a Stronger Brain

1) Exercise. Nothing keeps you younger and all the right endorphins firing than a good workout. Stretching, yoga, pilates, weight training, cross fit, running, sports, tennis.. everything.  Move your body.  Moving your body is good for the brain.

You need to take extra effort to take care of  #1, YOU.  If you don’t feel good, the people around you in life will know it.  So take the extra effort to incorporate 20 minutes of anything every single day.  Or 3-6 intentional and long workout days per week. Getting your heart pumping and stretching your body keeps your mind young.

2) Nature. Nothing is more connecting and soulfully refreshing as a breath of natures air.  Stare at a leaf as it blows in the wind and wonder the cosmic spiritual power that designed it.  This is soulfully refreshing to the brain.

Feel the energy of nature flow through you.

3) Food.  The good stuff. Eating quality nutritious foods is critical to your overall health.  If your gut ain’t right, your mind ain’t right. Period.  If you are feeling great, awesome.  If you are not, may I recommend looking into a plant based diet? More on that some other time.

4) Herbs & Supplements – Some great ones I have used every now and then are along with switch it up now and then are Lions Mane, Ginko Biloba, Turmeric, Wheat Grass Make sure you get all natural and organic whenever possible.  Make sure that you are giving your mind the extra nutrition and minerals for thriving.

5) Vitamin B12 – Deserves its own shout out.  No B12, no healthy brain functioning.

6) Vitamin D3 – The SUN and/or Supplement.  Get outside and let the sun hit your face.  Take a deep breath and let it remind you of the cosmic power of your existence.   These days with the state of our new normal.  It is important that we remind ourselves to get outside.   If you don’t get much sun as you should make sure you take in some extra Vitamin 3.

7) Water – Lots of it. You will die after 3-4 days of no water.  Are you intentionally drinking water throughout your day? Is your body flooded with water so that maybe you can last 5 days?  Ok, maybe that’s dramatic.  But every living cell in the body needs water to function.  No water, no function.  And you’ll end up with a dried out brain.  Life is water.

8) Sleep – Lack of proper sleep can cause brain shut down.  You just cannot be optimal without getting proper amount of sleep.

9) Learn / Brain Games – Learn something new, all the time. Crossword puzzles, word searches, switches routines.  Example challenge your brain by practicing writing your name with the opposite hand you typically use.  If you stir a pot with your primary left hand, use your right hand.  If you do something one way, start doing it another.  Always be challenging your brain.

10) Cold showers offer mental stimulation. Incorporate 20 seconds of cold water over you every few minutes in the shower.   I’m not sure if this is doing anything for my brain, but I do feel refreshed and more clear after I take one which feels like a greater sense of clarity.

11) Meditation.  Sit with life.  Talk to It for a while.  Let It lead you to a sense of connection and a sense of self. Let it guide you.  Trust its profound force. Trust your role and power within it.

12) Oxygen. Intentional oxygen. Doing breath work. Consciously and intentionally.  Oxygen feeds our brains. Most people don’t stop to take intentional breaths, some of which can happen during meditation.   But I believe breath work is something we need to be reminded of.

13) Stay Positive – Thinking negative thoughts is the quickest way to begin the process of “rotting” your brain.  Yep it’s a thing and it’s possible.  Maybe not in the rotting sense you are thinking about it’s certainly reduces the optimal efficiency of your potential power.  Negative thinking puts your focus on things you don’t want and it grows those things which make you less joyous and less productive.

Try and recognize and catch yourself whenever your thinking negative and turn it around with 3 positive things you can think of at that moment.

Staying positive and optimistic is the best way to create a positive and optimistic life.

Hope this list gives you some things to THINK about it. Ha!

Use your brain!

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