Boost Your Business Brain Performance

Boost Your Business Brain Performance

Business Nutrition

Brainfood is anything the delivers positive juices to help your brain be focused and alert to tackle a day with pizazz. It helps you to be energetic and thinking at your best. We have to do what’s right for ourselves. For our families and for the success of operating a business. Health is an Overall Contact Sport.

First things first – Are you eating right? Try to stick to dishes high in protein and low in carbs and whatever you do absolutely get down some veggies.

Maintaining consistency & creating routines to manage your business.

Tip 1) Nutrition for Energy and Brain Function

Eat More Walnuts – They look like brains for a reason.
Walnuts contain a number of neuroprotective compounds, including vitamin E, folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants. This research shows that consumption may support brain health including inferential reasoning.

Eat Less Sugar – but Do not deprive yourself – that can cause psychosis (vanilla ice creams and warm chocolate chips are part of life_ cook em healthy)
Juice – many of you juice, here are some of my faves I would love to see what others try that I may also.

Lemons for an energy boost. Use it regularly.

Wheatgrass – and I am adamant about using a scoop of it in my juices.

juice – high energy booster. Feel good.

Organic Juices
I include for tast are mulberry juice, cherry juice or acai l – as a taste companion

Ginger tea for detox and lightness – especially after a big meal. – It relieves you of that weighed down feeling.
Dandelion Tea

Tip 2) Change your Mindset.

Live your life and your journey the way you really want to. Depending on no one else. Chasing Your Dreams, your ambitions and nothing else should matter. Be Self Motivated- dreaming alone is not going to help your business transpire – make a list of what you know you need to do and make a plan to do it.

Don’t talk about it – be about it.

Be Realistic with everything else you have going on in your life. Know what hours of the day your most productive. Only you know yourself well enough to determine if and when habits or circumstances need to change. Don’t settle in your circumstance. Change it but don’t give up.

Tip 3) Take up Sport

Sports and active cardio is excellent for positive brain function. Boxing and sparring is by far one of my favorites and you truly feel focused and alert throughout your day. Others are tennis, meditation or yoga class. Learn to play an instrument. Do something that matters to you. Something that helps you enjoy the little things of life. This contributes to your overall health function and helps you perform better as a professional in life.


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