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The Ultimate Business Plan Framework

Ready to start on the journey of building your ultimate business plan and finding the tools to organize and plan your company for success? Here are the basic core of elements needed within a fully thought out business plan.  To get in depth clarity on any of these elements, follow their links. Table of Contents…
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3 Logical Reasoning of an Executive Summary

Writing an executive summary has often been something left to do last although it is the very portion of your business plan that will be read the absolute most.  It says why your product or service will succeed in the marketplace and why it will be you and your team than can execute a successful…
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Building Strong Relationships With Your Clients

If you’re a human,  and definitely if you’re in sales or marketing or dreaming of your own business you need to have people skills. I hear many people say what’s so special about you, why does someone want to do business with you.  Well, my answer is very easy.  I level the playing field.  I…
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What Goes Into A Blog Post?

What goes into a blog post? Most people struggle about what to write about in their blog posts. Helpful, industry-specific content that’s what: Helpful, industry-specific content Give your readers a useful takeaway, provide them value, some new industry perspective or knowledge or helpful tip. Show you’re an industry expert.  Share what you’ve learned about life…
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