The Best Beginner PODCAST GUIDE

The Best Beginner PODCAST GUIDE

beginner podcasting

An ultimate Podcast tool kit.

Ready to start your podcast?
Here’s a resource guide for what you’ll need.

Equipment Needed for Podcast

Mic and Laptop
If you will be using your laptop, please make sure you get some kind of external microphone.  Most external microphones can do a better job that just your laptop. I have my Blue Yeti and so far, it’s working excellent.


Lapel Mic, Headset Mic and phone 

This works and can certainly do the job, use this with the anchor app and you’ll have a good sounding podcast.

Don’t let not having equipment stop you from starting.  Start where you are, use what you have.  Your voice matters in this world and if you feel you have a message, starting a podcast is a great way to start getting comfortable sharing it.

Some ways to get the job done.

Recording Tools for Podcasts

I’ve heard of people that record with voice notes.  Use whatever you have handy to get your message out.  The most important part is what value content you are sharing.

Quicktime Player – Quicktime has become one of my favorite tools.  You can record audio files alone and you can also record videos, both Talking head style, screen record style.  The Audio capture is clean, with my Blue Yeti Mic.   Perfect FREE tool that serves your needs. – You can record directly onto anchor, in both the desktop version and the app.

Zoom – You can record an interview on zoom and download the video to post on youtube or the audio to upload to or any of your podcast hosting sites.

Streaming platforms Streaming platforms are great for doing it all, recording as well. (see below)

Editing Tools for Podcasts

imovie imovie is great for editing your audio as well as video. – offers in app editor.

Distribution for your Podcast – is great about sending your podcast to all the podcast directories.

Libsyn  – I haven’t used Libsyn but I hear it is really good as well.

Zencaster – I haven’t used Zencaster after I set up my initial account,  but I hear it is really good as well.

Streaming Platforms for Podcasts

You can record podcasts on their respective platforms noted above.  Here are some streaming platforms that will allow you to record and Live Stream your Podcast on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Streamyard – I’m new to Streamyard, and I gotta say I love it.  It makes doing things and customizing the look and feel of your recording or interview very easy.  – this is another popular one and while I have set up an account.  It isn’t quite as user friendly as I find Streamyard to be.

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