The Belief System | Self Belief & Self Worth

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The Belief System | Self Belief & Self Worth

Creating Self Belief

  1. Belief

    Answer the questions in this worksheet and comment #ModuleComplete

  2. Discovering Your Why

    Go through the questions in this worksheet here and share your WHY in the Facebook Group

Are you ready to change some things in your life?

The number one thing that holds most people back is their belief system.  Believing you can do something certainly impacts the probability that you can do it.  Without belief failure is inevitable.

In order to build up our belief system we must break down the fears that inhibit us.  We must address and crush the fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back.

In this exercise you will write down your doubts and fears and anything that could get in your way of completing this course.  Please be as specific as possible.

What are you truly afraid of?  It’s time to get real with these things so that we can move forward with the right mindset to make changes in our lives and complete this course.

Bonus: Download a PDF copy of this worksheet.  Print it out and add it to your binder. Access it offline and keep it for easy reference. 

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  1. What is the number one fear that has held you back in the past?

  2. How will you crush that fear when it surfaces in your thoughts? 

  3. Why are you capable of succeeding?

  4. What will you do when you get stuck again? 

  5. Every time you feel doubt or insecurity, what can you remind yourself of?