About Us

Marketing Agency and Strategy Consulting


A few things about us…

Our Approach is different. We deliver High-Level impactful workshops that leave you feeling empowered.  We provide hands-on learning and development for your business.

The mission is to become the ultimate toolbox of resources for those hoping to take a dream into development. Our process is simple, to give you the resources that are unique to your needs, whether it’s skillsets, tools or people.

Sandra Noemi Torres is an Entrepreneur, an Advocate for Human Rights, An Author, Life Coach and Business Strategists.

Sandra brings over 25 years of business operations, management, sales, and marketing strategy to her Business Coaching practice.

  Sandra helps business professionals and entrepreneurs to approach their professional careers and business ventures in a way that GUARANTEES success.  A success defined & designed by you.   She is the Founder of United Women Professionals & United Latinas a group of strong, amazing women that meet monthly to collaborate, network and supports each other.   Sandra is the Author of The Life Agreement – Own The Courage To Pursue Your Soul’s Ambitions”  A book about self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and courage. To contact Sandra Torres directly, please send an email or submit a request to collaborate.