9 Ways to Optimize The Brain & Gain Performance

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9 Ways to Optimize The Brain & Gain Performance

We all want a strong brain.  For many years we were told as we get older our brains go on a decline in their cognitive ability.  After my mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimers, I became even more interested in the human brain, consciousness and our spirituality.   I discovered a few years back that our brains can be cared for in such a way that cognition can improve. 

Some of these actionable things are easy to take on and some of them are harder.  It’s YOU who stand in the way of it all.

The goal is to commit being the true captain of your life and become disciplined and focused to work on all these aspects.  In the process, your brain benefits. 

Begin here: 

  1. Exercise –Exercise is a very necessity to brain function.  Science says to achieve the truly powerful and healing results of exercise it’s critical to be consistent at least 3-4 times per week of real heart pumping activity.

    Exercise keeps you feeling young and energetic and in a good mood as endorphins are running through you.  Your overall quality of life improves.

    It has been said that, Exercise triggers the growth of new brain cells, literally.

    Neuroscientists used to believe the brain was the only organ incapable of growing new cells, but in recent years, it has become clear that the brain, too, can grow new neurons, in a process called neurogenesis. And what science says seems to be causing the growth of new neurons, perhaps above other activities, is sustained aerobic exercise.

    There is another type of exercise and that’s doing and learning new things the demand the firing of new neurons. Things such as puzzles or cognition games. 

  2. Meditation – Meditation reminds me I’m a spiritual and complex being.  It reminds me that I don’t need to know all the answers, I am trusting in the greatness of Love and in the Power that birthed me.There have been lots of brain studies that show the powerful benefits meditation has on the human brain.It has been found to sharpen your attention and help combat stress.
  3. Food & Nutrition
    If you eat junk food, you’re going to feel and look like crap.   The Food industry today is broken.  Corporations are feeding us crap and we have to care about that.  Eating a rich plant based diet can deliver our brains the aminos, oxygen and minerals it needs to thrive.

  4. Practice Gratitude. Find everything to be grateful for.  Too often it’s easier for our brains to think negative, but positive thinking has it’s own health benefits for the brain.
  5. Review your ‘My Life & Business Roadmap’ daily – Knowing where you’re going and what you’re aiming at is important.   Give the brain a job and watch it work.
  6. Write Down Your Daily Affirmations
    It has been shown that the act of writing down your vision and goals and reading it increases the likelihood of it happening.
  7. Visualization
    Visualizing yourself living the life you want and feeling the life you want is what taps you into the frequency of the wave. And this is what is like the magnetic pull that attracts your ability to manifest that reality.
  8. Maintain a powerful & grounded sense of self.
    You are not alone.  There is nothing that you are experiencing right now that is in totality unique to you.  All of us are dealing with some sh*t.   Ground yourself in that.
  9. Believe You Are Worthy.  Because You Are.

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To Success,

Sandra Noemi Torres
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