7 Best Team Communication & Collaboration Tools

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7 Best Team Communication & Collaboration Tools

I’ve been putting together a list of resources that I can use in my organization and with my teams and I thought that you may benefit as well.

Top Tools I have found that do the job

1) Slack.com – Slack can be used via phone app or on your desktop.  It allows you to send files to teams or to groups, pdfs, google docs and any visuals for collaboration.

2) Zoom.com – By now everyone is aware of zoom.  So much so that it is becoming a term even when you are not actually using zoom.  Zoom faced some security breaches.  But I think they have since worked diligently to provide more security management.

3) Google Teams – Google Teams is ok.  One of the organizations I’m a member of uses it for all of our meetings.

4) Free Conference Call  – Need to get some people on a conference call fast?  Free Conference Call is a great source to grab a number and pin and get everyone dialed in together.

5) Uberconference

6) Google Docs – Documents can be shared and easily accessed.

7) Trello – Great for team work



If you enjoyed these tools or have some you’d like to see on the list, let me know.

Sandra Noemi Torres