How to Grow Event Registrations

How to Grow Event Registrations

grow event registrations

Need helping inviting and getting people aware of your events.  It’s not a build it and they will come strategy.  You have to build it and promote it over and over and they will come.  In order to get people excited about your event, you must get them excited.

Here are some ways to get your audience excited about your event.

Ways to Grow your event registrations.

  1. Post Speaker flyers on your social media platforms.  And ask your speakers to do so also.
  2. Create a video talking about the upcoming event or go LIVE on your social media platforms to let your followers know this event is coming up and why they should consider registering.
  3. Talk about the topics that will be discussed at the event and how your audience will benefit from them.
  4. Share the value that is in it for the attendee.
  5. Talk about it in podcast or go on LIVE’s with others to discuss the event.

Besides sharing posts and events on all your social platforms, make sure to implement some of these strategies to garner interest and help brand the event.

1) Adding it to your signature – see mine below as a sample, but you can use your own style and make it more creative.  The point here is to not forget the power of adding it to your signature.  Just add the direct link or a short link that will dreict them rigt to the registration page.

Title of Your Event
Sept 15th – Oct 15th
Tuesday’s 12PM to 2PM
Register Here

2) Inviting Connections on LinkedIn
Included here is a “How To Video on How To invite people to the Linkedin Event.  This tutorial is about a specific niche target attendee audience.  You can apply the same thinking with your demographic or affinity audiences. 

3) Inviting Connections on Facebook
How To Invite Your Network on Facebook

4) Email to your email and newsletter database.

5) Share in your WhatsApp Groups and private community backchannels.

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