5 Ways to Grow Event Registrations

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5 Ways to Grow Event Registrations

Need helping inviting and getting people aware of your events.  It’s not a build it and they will come strategy.  You have to build it and promote it over and over and they will come.

Here are 5 Ways, along with video tutorials
that you can use to spread the word for your events.

1) Adding it to your signature – see mine below as a sample, but you can use your own style and make it more creative.  The point here is to not forget the power of adding it to your signature.  Just add the direct link or a short link that will dreict them rigt to the registration page.

Title of Your Event
Sept 15th – Oct 13th
Tuesday’s 12PM to 2PM
Register Here http://bit.ly/HBLMonth

2) Inviting Connections on LinkedIn
Included here is a “How To Video on How To invite people to the Linkedin Event.

3) Inviting Connections on Facebook
How To Invite Your Network on Facebook


4) Email to your email database, in your newsletters, or any correspondence.

5) Share in your WhatsApp Groups


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