3 Self-Awareness Laws for Healthy Performing Professionals & Business Owners

3 Self-Awareness Laws for Healthy Performing Professionals & Business Owners

These self-awareness laws are critical to your foundation of joy because they address what lies beneath your surface. They provide a base upon which you can build. I suggest you write these down in your notes to remember them and experience them. To truly remember them, embed them into your heart.

These laws must be practiced daily until they become part of you.

Countless negative thoughts trample through our minds daily. Often, they stem from unresolved issues within these laws.

When you accept these laws as truths, you will find peace within everything that ails you. You will learn to accept life for all that it is and gain the courage and willingness to change what you wish about it.

The most important work of our lives is the work we must do within ourselves.

What is self-awareness? By definition, it is “conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.”

How does one become self-aware? By having deep, intimate conversations with yourself, challenging the reasoning behind all your emotions and thoughts, coming to terms with them, questioning them and your own thinking, questioning your beliefs and even those of your family, being truthful, raw, accepting your answers, deciding which ones need to change, and loving yourself through this process. Question everything you think you know and stay open to considering every possible alternative.

1) The Law of Self-Acceptance

We have always looked to the past to identify who we are and what we are worthy of having or being in this life. We have judged ourselves, rebuked invisible 'demons' from ourselves, prayed endless nights, and shed endless tears, all in search of direction, meaning, and significance because we were conditioned not to accept ourselves as we are.

That is about to change as you accept everything you are. Get to know yourself, understand what makes you sad, happy, and tick, and learn to master these emotions within yourself. Then observe them within others and become aware that others are on their own journey of longing for meaning within their own struggles.

Accept the possibility that you might be exaggerating or even lying to yourself. Take inventory of what you feel about everything causing trouble in your mind and then interrogate your emotions to discern the truth. Often our lives are filled with stories or exaggerations of truth, never the actual truth itself. We take the most painful moments in our lives and make them worse when we pile on regret, resentment, and motives.

Accept that things aren't as bad as you may think. In fact, if you are reading this, I gather they most certainly are not. You have the opportunity now to change things.

Accept your life, then decide if the negative thoughts that weigh you down are worth their weight. Forgive yourself for not knowing better in the past, forgive others for not knowing better or being better, and you may even be struggling with forgiving God.

Today, this moment is different. You are different. You are free.

Now, let me remind you of all the good you must also accept. Beginning with accepting the true grace and glory of your being.

"You are energy and that's all there is to it." You are vibrating cosmic beauty with 70 trillion volts of electricity running through you. You are powerful.

"You are worthy, you are a gift, you come with a gift to give, you are life force energy, you are evolving consciousness, you are gods of your own consciousness, you are love manifested, you are love energy, you are a creator."

You are perfect as you are and you are a particle of God. Your past does not define your limits, but your future will require you to surpass all of them. And you can. Accept that.

2) The Law of Self-Responsibility

Now that we have accepted the first truth, we are awakened to the fact that life becomes our responsibility to create.

We must never become comfortable with a victim mentality. This life is ours to create with what we have, and there are things you can do today to change your life for the better.

The truth is many people don't want to do much changing. This is why many would rather take pills for diabetes and undergo surgeries than entertain the idea of going on a plant-based diet and exercising regularly. They fail themselves. Are you failing yourself in any way? Do you want a magic pill and an easy way out?

If you are feeling disempowered and weak right now, you must get ready to build your strength up. Literally, get mentally ready, because this life is your responsibility.

Start priming your brain for change. Let the idea that you have the responsibility to do something with your life excite you. Be interested in the outcome of what you can become. No one else is going to do this for you.

You are responsible for a purposeful evolution. You are responsible for taking action in your life. It is the weak ones who will never understand that their potential power lies in their self-responsibility. Children blame the world, but those who are self-aware change themselves for the better.

This law states that we take ownership of ourselves and look for and take action on self-improvement.

There are only two ways to look at things:

  • Everything is your fault, but that means you can fix it, or
  • Nothing is your fault, and that means you can fix it.

You know what you need to do, or maybe you don't yet. Either way, from this moment forward, the life that you lead is in your hands, and you have to take positive, responsible actions towards creating it however you please. Only you can define what makes you feel whole and joyous, but it is your responsibility to be happy.

“Change and transformation are necessary. Once you become a butterfly, you cannot go back to being a caterpillar.”

3) The Law of Self-Commitment

Are you committed?

I'm not asking if you are committed to any one thing, cause, or hobby. I'm asking if you are committed to yourself. Do you know that we let ourselves down all the time by failing to commit to ourselves?

I'm asking you to commit to your evolution and to taking action towards it.

Who you want to be, the confidence you want to obtain, the success and life you want to own, all those things lie just across a chasm of your own self-development. You must commit to developing yourself. And commitment is different from 'wanting.' You must commit to doing. You must become aware of that.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world." -Marianne Williamson

Self-acceptance, self-responsibility, and self-commitment. These three foundational laws will govern your quality of life and the way you approach everything.  When we own who we are and understand these things about ourselves, we can be comfortable in living life.

I hope something in this article inspired you.

Becoming in tune with our identity is a lifelong process and a beautiful journey.

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To Our Beautiful Lives,

Sandra Noemi Torres