The 9 Step Business Plan

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The 9 Step Business Plan

Steps to a business plan

You may know these things and you may not, either way, it’s critical that you take the time to put this down on paper to create a strong and actionable business plan for your company. These are the 9 Steps you need to create a strong company framework.

Step 1-  Identify Yourself

Name of Business:
Name Owner(s):
City, State, Zip:
Type of Business:
Length of time in business:

Step 2-  Your Mission & Purpose

Your reason for existence.  What are your goals and target ambitions?
Mission concept/ General statement of WHY you are starting a business or looking for funding:

Step 3-  Who Are The Critical Members of The Team

Your own personal experience and Bio and/or attach resume
Management Team (List all and attach resumes / bios
Potential hiring schedule if applicable

Step 4-  Buyer Persona

Target client/ customer(s)  Who are they and where can you find them.  Need help identifying your best target customer?  Use this tool to help you clearly identify the customers for your product or service so you can discover how to reach them.

Step 5-  Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique strategy / What will set you apart?:

Step 6-  Who’s Your Competition?

Name 3 of your biggest competitors:
List Any advantages or known disadvantages will be helpful

Step 7-  How much funding will you need to execute your strategy?

How much money are you looking to acquire via loan or grant funding?
What will that money be used for?

Step 8-  The Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plan: What do you feel will work best to meet your financial expectations. List any and all ideas you may want to include.


Step 9-  Financials – 3- 5 year

For financial figures (profit per unit, potential estimated number of units sellable if known)